Can a Lenovo Erazer X310 Intel Desktop Motherboard s115X 5B20G00892 support a i7 4790k 4.0ghz processor here is the link to th

I want to up grade from a i5 to a i7 to see if i can record games on obs.
I have 16gb of ram and a decent gpu so i need to know if it's compatible
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    According to Lenovo site , the pc will support the i7 4790 so that you can use the 4790k version, but you can't oc the cpu because most of OEM will lock that feature.
  2. Do u think this will help me record games better?
  3. Yes, the i7 will be better, also you will need other hard drive for better performances.
  4. Thank you. So like a regular hard drive like a terabyte
  5. Yes, the 7200rpm one.
  6. Ok thanks so much bro
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