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Looking for suggestions on a watercooling kit for an upcoming build. This will be a rather high end build and as such I am willing to pay a premium for well designed parts that will have an effect on Temperature. That being said Id prefer not to go over $500 for the setup not Including the GPU or CPU blocks. However the budget can be increased if needed. This system will be designed with the idea of Overclocking with a LGA 2011-3 8 Core Processor as well as a pair of High end GPUs. I have two huge favors to ask.

1) Do you think Dual 360mm Rads would be sufficient for these components? If not how much Rad space would you recommend? Bear in mind i will be overclocking everything and id prefer to be on the safe side of everything with regards to temps.

2) Can anyone here provide suggestions for a complete list of components for a great Watercooling setup for parts that can be purchased in North America? Being a noob I cant seem to decide which radiators or Pumps as well as reservoirs and CPU blocks. Any help or advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well what radiators you should get is a bit of a complicated matter. There's 3 main "specs" of a radiator you should consider. Length, width, and FPI.
    Length is basically measured in the same way as fans. Two 360mm radiators should be fine as far as length goes.
    For width, you have anything from slim rads to monsta rads. The thicker the radiator, generally the more heat it can dissipate, but you should be sure you can properly fit them in the case (measuring tape works for this).
    Finally, FPI (fins per inch), as the name implies, measures the density of the fins. Higher FPI means you can dissipate more heat, but it also means higher resistance (so you'll need either better fans or to run the fans at higher RPM).

    Although it might be pricey, I recommend getting static pressure fans from Noctua whatever radiators you choose. If you don't want to spend that much, get EK Vardars.
  2. Night Owl is correct. I've used the EK Vardars with great success. Price is right.
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