i5 6600k Voltage too high, remains unchanged after BIOS setting

I'm running a core i5 6600k at stock speeds with an asus z170a. In the bios I have the vcore set to 1.216v, manual, not adaptive, but in both HWinfo and HWmonitor my VID is getting as high as 1.340v and Vcore as high as 1.344v. I can offset this with Intel XTU to get it back to normal vcore and normal temps, but it's frustrating to have to do this every time I boot. Do I have a bad cpu, bad mobo, or bad psu? Or is there some kind of monitoring error going on? I've read that HWinfo would report correct VID for skylake, but that seems to indicate a problem. Any advice? The voltage difference makes about a 10C difference in intel xtu stress tests, from 57C max to 66C.
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  1. set manual vcore at bios. solve any problem with my i7 6700k, wich is overvolting like yours.

    Intel dont set a default value for vcore in this new core family and MB manufatures are overvolting due to not know the "correct" vcore from intel.

    i only changed vcore once in my bios and everything is running good.
  2. What he said. You need to do an Adaptive Overclock, but actually use it as an Adaptive Undervolt. By going Adaptive, you will get your idle voltage back.

    Without a specified Vcore, now that the voltage regulator is off the chip again, motherboard manufacturers have chosen the 'brutal' approach to ensure enough voltage to even the worst possible chips. 'Theoretically', anyone who buys a K chip is capable of understanding this problem and dealing with it, since they planned to mess with the BIOS anyway.
  3. No voltage changes I make in the BIOS seem to affect the voltage in windows. It always boots at 1.3xx. I've called asus customer support but they've had me on hold for over an hour.

    Now they are trying to tell me that this voltage discrepancy is "normal"
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    OK, so it turns out that in Windows 10 under power management settings, there are two options for minimum and maximum processor state. Turning from 100% and 100% down to 99% and 99% fixed the issue. Weird huh.
  5. Thanks for letting us know.
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