Searching For The Name Of An Old PC Game (detective game)

hi everyone,
i am looking for the name of an old game i used to play on my pc
i played it in the 90s.. so it could be a 90s game or 80s
its colorful
its a detective-ish game
i remember there are series to the game
so you start with a character and going into the town solving problem
and you could choice where to go, there are usually arrow for direction
and you collect items on the way to help solving problem (for example, you collect the knife to cut something in the future or a rope to pull something)
and i remember, you can click anywhere on the game.. however, the more you click, and there is any response, the darkness is gonna get bigger and bigger and it will kill you.. so you have to be careful on what you are clicking..
i remember there is one chapter of the game was where you go to the past, future and present to change things and solve the problem
and i remember there was a table and beside you, three other people were sit at the same time
oh, i also remember there is a chapter on the game where you go in the museum and there is something you need to collect in order to solve the puzzle..
thats all i could remember at the moment..
please help!!!
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