CPU Voltage wont save - raises to 1.4375 on startup (causing throttling?)

windows 10 64 bit
A68HM-e33 V2 motherboard
and Cryorig H7 aftermarket CPU cooler
GTX 960

I have bumped up my MULTIPLIER from 37 to 42 and In AOD i get great thermal margins
I am chaning the mult in the bios.. but I cant seem to change the VOLTAGES for CPU in the BIOS
everytime I start my computer, it bumps up my voltage (cpu VID) to 1.4375 from 1.325
if I lower it using AOD to 1.325 and run prime.. it runs awesome

just now I tried running PRIME95 with the VOLTAGE raised.. and the TEMPS were great.. showed I had a 30 degree thermal margin.. BUT.. i noticed in AOD that the VOLTAGE kept bouncing down to 0.9 and my multiplier would bounce from 42 down to 17 it would only last a second or so.. but i didnt notice that when the cpu vid voltage was 1.325

how can i get my voltage to STAY at 1.325 and stop raising EVERYTIME the computer starts?
its so annoying
I dont see anything in the bios about cpu voltage... i see DRAM voltage.. but thats the memory card

please help.. cause I have a feeling if I start up my computer, or my gf does and forgets to change it back to 1.325 im going to mess up the cpu or my MB

and the reason im OC'ing in the first place is because
1) i paid for a new, great coolerl
2) I have a gtx 960 GPU and the cpu has been bottle necking in some of the games I play like THE DIVISION
slight screen freezes

I have added images of my CPU BIOS FEATURES.... if u guys see anything that i could change, or do to fix this.. plz let me know
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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxMRIme3nfTQbXBabVZJcWd1YUk/view?usp=sharing


    update.. I tried to run a prime95 with the cpu vid at 1.4375 again.. and once again it started throttling.. i think its due to the VRM getting hot due to my lack of case fans.. which im going to fix
    when i drop the CPU VID to 1.325 DEFAULT the way I want it... with AOD its running prime95 and there is NO THROTTLING and i have a 40 Degree thermal margin

    HOW can I make the cpu voltage STAY at 1.325?
    do I have to use AOD every single startup to change it back to 1.325?
    because it runs VERY stable.. even playing THE DIVISION

    before I added the CPU COOLER and OC'd i would get screen freezes that would last a few seconds.. sometimes 2 sometimes up to 5 seconds... now with the multiplier of 42 and the CPU VID at 1.325 it plays FLAWLESS
  2. well i brought up MSI command ceter.. and was looking through it.. and found CPU VOLTAGE... and it wont let me change it.. there is an I next to it.. i highlight it and it says THIS MOTHERBOARD DOES NOT ALLOW CPU VOLTAGE ADJUSTING.... so my next question is this

    IS IT OKAY TO USE AOD TO CHANGE THE VOLTAGE EACH TIME I START? cause the thermal margin is great... there are no other issues when its at 1.325
    games run great
    no throttling
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