Hard drive shows up in device management but, does not show up in drive management or windows explorer

I bought a 1tb caviar blue for extra storage but I can't use it. It does not show up in any processes except device management. Halp pls
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    Hi there Coryinthetraphouse,

    That is unpleasant. :(

    So the drive shows up in Device Manager but not in Disk Management or My Computer right? I believe it will not hurt to see how is the drive recognized by BIOS. Does it show up as having its full capacity.

    If this is the case, I would suggest you go to your MOBO's website and update all the drivers, especially the SATA ones. Sometimes, similar issues of a drive not being recognized by Disk Management but Device Manager, are caused by out dated drivers.
    Another simple thing you can try is to just attach the drive with different cables(SATA & power one) to a different SATA port.

    In case the drive get recognized after that, you need to initialize the drive -> partition and forma it.
    Here's a tutorial on how to do that:

    Let me know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
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