Athlon x4 860k Overclocking

A little while ago I bought an Athlon x4 860k and I paired it with a gigabyte A78M motherboard. specifically I bought this one for $45

I tried overclocking the Athlon but I could only get 4.3 GHz, i couldn't figure out how to access the the voltage controls. should I pick up a different motherboard with an a88x chipset or should I just stick with this one? I've had my eye on this motherboard for a while but would it help the overclock?
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    An a88x board would certain help with overclocking. If nothing else, they have better heatsink on the VRMs.

    Keep an eye out for mobo temps on that board.

    Don't get a new board just to OC the 860k. For some reason, the 860k doesn't OC as well as the previous 760k. I hear that most people hit the wall at 4.6 ghz. Thus, if your 4.3 ghz is perfectly stable, then you're already pretty close. You won't gain too much with .3 ghz extra.
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