I have h97 pro gamer motherboard with gtx 970 gpu and i5 4590, can i upgrade my processor to i7 4790k?

just like the description, can i upgrade my processor?
my specs are :
processor i5 4590
motherboard asus h97 pro gamer
ram vengence 4x4gb
gpu asus strix gtx 970
psu corsair rm 850

can i oc it using h97 pro gamer mobo after i upgrade to i7 4790k?
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    Yes you can. You would not be able to overclock though. Why would you want to do this?
  2. because when im playing some game with high texture i got laggy sometimes, for example assassin creed unity, after i saw ther system requirements i notice that recomended cpu are i7-3,5 ghz. so i decided to upgrade my cpu. what do you think about i'm upgrading the cpu? or do i need to upgrade my gpu to 980 compared to upgrading my cpu?
  3. I think an i7 would only be a small improvement. The i5 4590 is pretty strong.
  4. hmmmm.. then how about upgrading the gpu?
  5. What monitor are you using? What are your expectations?
  6. im using benq xl2430t, my expectations? just want to play with max graphic and texture without lagging :D
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