Xbox one controller stops working after a few seconds... windows 10

Hello everyone, I just upgraded my CPU and motherboard and now my xbox one controller started acting funny, i start a game and the controller works fine, after a few seconds stops working, unplugging and plugging the controller again seems to fix it for a few seconds and then stops working again. Before the upgrade it performed flawlessly since i got the windows 10 update back in the summer.

I already tried to update drivers in device manager and it says I already have the most up to date driver installed.

I just made a motherboard/cpu upgrade, i had a A8 7600 with a F2A68HM-S1 motherboard, i now have a FX 8320e with a Ga-970A-DS3P, also changed the case to a corsair spec 03 wich has only usb 3.0 at the front, so that also changed, i used to connect the controller in a usb 2.0 before (although i don't think this could be the issue)

Anyone can help me out her??
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  1. 1| You may want to list out your full system's specs inclusive of all your connected peripherals.
    2| Disable automatic device driver update
    3| Make sure your BIOS and drivers(namely chipset) are up to date.
    4| Read this regarding the drivers on your Xbox One drivers or install them in compatibility mode:
    Right click installer>Properties>Compatibility tab>Windows 7/8[from drop down menu]

    You won't be getting any additional performance bump connecting off the USB3.0 port instead locate it to an available USB 2.0 port at the rear I/O.
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