Various BSODs on new i7-6700k computer, no overheating


I've recently built a Windows 10 desktop computer based on the i7-6700k processor and the MSI Z170A Krait Gaming motherboard. A more thorough list is here :

However, I've run into many issues from the get go. My first atttempt did not post and I had to call in local computer repair who identified that my motherboard had broken CPU socket pins. We were able to replace the motherboard with a new one (same model) and get the computer working.

I've been using the computer with little issue for a while now, but in the last few hours I have received three BSODs that I think hint at a more serious hardware issue with the processor.

1st BSOD - check string "whea_uncorrectable_error"- while I was testing out my graphics card by playing an intensive video game. After reading up on this error, I downloaded HWInfo64 and Speccy and monitored my CPU and GPU temperatures but they seemed ok (CPU temp idles at 25C and only gets to 30C while gaming, GPU temp idles 45C and gets to 60C while gaming)

2nd BSOD - check string "system_service_exception" - I ran a CPU stress test which failed 3 minutes in (ran through MSI's Intel Extreme Tuning Utility). While this test ran I confirmed the CPU temp did not increase dramatically (it increased 5-10C from idle quickly then leveled off)

3rd BSOD - check string "driver_irql_not_less_or_equal" - I ran a CPU benchmark tool which failed instantly (through MSI's Intel Extreme Tuning Utility)

I'd appreciate any help for this issue before I call in a local professional or replace my CPU.

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    I think I may have resolved the issue after extensive research:

    It seems this may be a common hardware issue with the Skylake processors.

    Intel released BIOS fixes a while back. I made the mistake of assuming my BIOS was up to date (I ran the Device Manager search for driver updates which came up empty). Instead, I used the MSI Live Update App and was able to install new BIOS (old one dated Sept 2015 and new one is Jan 2016, which is before and after the above notification of Intel fixing the issue). I ran a 5 minute CPU stress test (like the one that caused the 2nd BSOD) and it was fine. I then ran a benchmark (like the one that caused the 3rd BSOD instantly) and it completed (max CPU temp of 64C).

    I'll keep this open for a bit to confirm, apologies for the lack of due diligence before posting
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