MSI Afterburner Not staying on after closing

so i open afterburner and set gpu fan speed to auto, but every time i close it shuts off i can tell because i was playing a gpu intensive game and my computer was very quiet and immediatly after opening afterburner it turns on from 20 to 50% and then my computer gets a little noisier than i close afterburner and it sounds as if my fan completely shuts off

How do i fix it?
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    Do not close it.
    You can put a check mark in "Settings" "General tab" to start with windows.
    This way it is always running in the background.
    If you close it all settings will revert to the cards default settings.
    It must be running for it to control the settings you create.
  2. set a curve of the fan % equal or ten degrees lower than the the temperature, select apply, click the icon to the right of Auto, click AUTO also, save profile to 2, click Apply overclocking at system startup.
  3. thanks you all
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