Computer having serious issues. Please help (might be memory/psu/mobo)

So I recently built a new gaming computer, here are the specs:

gtx 980ti
16gb kingston ddr4
corsair RM750
asus maximus ranger VII mobo
windows 10

The computer was working just fine for a few weeks, but then all of a sudden, it started showing error code "40" and "30" on the motherboard, an indication of a memory issue. This theory was reinforced when I started getting blue screens that said "Memory_management" further indicating a memory issue. After a little while, the blue screens stopped, and the computer would just completely shut off. As in, I would be using it just fine and everything would be great, but then just straight power off to the whole system and often times the motherboard lights would go dark. Then, if I waited a minute, I could flip the switch twice on the psu and then the lights would come back on and I could start it like a normal computer. Then, this morning, I went to turn on my computer and noticed that the motherboard lights started off dark. It had never happened while I wasn't using the computer. So I jiggled the power cord on the psu and then rebooted the computer.

Honestly, I'm at a complete loss as to what I should do... It sounds like the psu might be a problem, but then again, also the memory from the blue screens. Or, I feel like it may just be the motherboard. Any ideas as to what I should do? I already tried updating the bios and that didn't really work. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Try running with only a single stick of memory, and if it fails again, switch to another stick, continue until you rule all or one stick causes issues. RMA said sticks.
    That would be TS on the RAM
    For power issues, also try a power outlet somewhere else, maybe you have bad wiring there. or try another PSU and see if that resolves issue.
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    try memtest first and rule out a ram issue, although in my experience it may well be a psu that cant quite power your pc properly anymore, this can cause lots of random and varied BSOD's and shutdowns, just like faulty RAM
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