Samsung EVO 850 vs PRO 950 on Alienware X51 R3

I recently got the Alienware X51 R3 (just the cheapest build to save some money). Currently it has 1 TB HDD. I noticed it has an M.2 port.

I'm not sure but it looks like it only has 2x lanes on M.2. Does it still make sense to get Samsung PRO 950 vs Samsung EVO 850. Is there any advantage or the 2x lanes will be bottleneck and make them run as similar speeds?

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    The 850evo m.2 is not any faster then its sata brother. Its still just a sata drive using the sata lines on the m.2 port.
    The 950 pro will definitely be bottlenecked by the x2 pcie2 lanes but would still be nearly twice as fast as the 850. (900-950Mb/s vs 500-540mb/s)

    Its up to you if the 950 is worth it at twice the cost and getting less than half its max speed. (2200+mb/s)
  2. Thank you!
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