Evga GTX960 SSC ACX 2.0+ 4GB VS MSI GTX960 Gaming 4GB

I had a r9 380 4gb which i sold because it was stuttering in every game ,resolution ,settings ,drivers(I have another thread discussing for this if you want to tell something).So i am going to buy a GTX960 4GB. Both models have the same price in my country, but the evga model is from a trusted shop in my town which is very fast in shipping and reliable, in the other hand the msi model is more beautiful and match better in my case which is with window and also have other red things in my system but it is the first time ordering from this shop, it has great reviews but i am not so sure like the other one...Both models are very good which one will you choose in my case???
Also do you think, it may worth waiting for a pascal gpu?
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  1. Yes it will be worth waitng for pascal. Buy it after
  2. SkittishGaming said:
    Yes it will be worth waitng for pascal. Buy it after

    Ok, but i start my build six months before and after facing some troubles like the faulty r9 380 i want a gpu so bad and if pascal are just a bit better like kepler to maxwell i think it is not worth the waiting.
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    If you do not have a GPU replacement then.....waiting for Pascal or Polaris is a waste of time in my opinion. If color matching bothers you all means go for the MSI. I doubt there is any performance differences between those 2 cards and if there is any, it will not be significant. Both are good brands.
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