Samsung's m.2 950 Pro VS a regular SSD, m.2 way to slow? Please help if you have m.2 experience

Put together a computer, ASUS Sabertooth x99 + 5820k 3.3 ghz intel processor + m.2 Samsung 950 Pro + their 850 ssd and more goodies but not really necessary for the question/topic at hand here.

After everything was put together for the next two weeks I was convinced something was faulty with the m.2. I started with the m.2 951 from Samsung. Said "ugh, this isn't working right", returned it got the 950 pro that everyone else was buying on amazon for the motherboard. Plugged it in and same had the exact same results. Contact amazon told them the motherboard was faulty so they sent another one out, swapped it and have the EXACT same results again. I apologized to Amazon telling them I was wrong, and amazon being amazon they paid for shipping back anyway.

So what are the results I'm having with this m.2 ? If I take a compressed file and want to unzip it, or copy something large say the Windows directory to the desk top. It'll go fast then slow down to almost 0 if not 0 mb/s. Then slowly crawl it's way to finish the process. This is absurd right? But I finally decided that this is how m.2s are and gave up. More info on the m.2 it's M-keyed, slides right into the motherboard like a stick of gum, screws down and gets covered up.

Now if I take that same Windows directory on ANY of my other 2.5" SSDs and copy and paste it, the move is almost instantaneous.

I gave up on this issue thinking the m.2 basically blows.

More important information about my experimentation with it: followed a guide the tech support gave me which appeared to come straight from a youtube video. Which was unhook basically all components from mobo except the m.2, install windows 10 on it after turning Compatibility mode off and OS Support from windows to "Other OS." On windows installation first reboot set the OS Support back to windows, and the drive is, from the you tube video, the drive should be shown as listed as a SATA device on the first bios screen. Mine never was. Even after trying this multiple times, it's not listed as a SATA but my computer detects it fine. Before I gave up and decided the m.2 is just not really that good, and due to what else I read on you tube, that, that guide is really for people who are having trouble detecting the m.2 in the first place, so that they can even install windows.

My default settings in BIOS never caused the USB Legit Windows 10 installer to detect the drive.

After writing this I'm wondering if my BIOS simply isn't treating the drive like it's an m.2 SSD, but I'm here for answers and will try to be as open minded as possible to them, usually I'm like talking to a brick, my apologies.
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  1. i never did any of that stuff

    popped in sm951--bios doesnt see it

    but windows installed perfectly well

    what score you get from crystaldiskmark--heres my sm951 score to compare against
  2. Have not been able to bench test it, because I've become concerned with the memory. Memtest86 is reporting bad memory after running multiple tests. What I'm afraid of: ASUS listed the wrong brand and type of memory as being compatible with the motherboard which may explain the entire m.2 poor performance. ASUS is not the brightest when it comes to providing accurate information about compatibility either.

    What I hope: I can slowly narrow down my 8 sticks of ram to one or two and just replace them then get back around to figuring out what's wrong with my m.2.

    I should bench the m.2 sometime today too... Just for comparison, to make sure I'm not hallucinating
  3. Yep ran crystal mark and the sequential write came out to 461. Everything else looked about normal, compared to yours. Maybe I got two bad m.2 in a row with the exact same problem?

    Okay, I tried 951 now I'm on 950... And I replaced the Sabertooth x99 motherboard. I found my corsair memory problem, took out the ram and will be replacing that.

    After more researching I deselected the write cache, in device manager and things got worse. I toggled the other option about caching too but worse again.

    I find it odd that only sequential write appears to have issues.
  4. bump
  5. I'm returning the item getting an Intel 750. ASUS support is absolutely horrendous. Samsung was better but did not resolve the issue either.
  6. dwevans427 said:
    I'm returning the item getting an Intel 750. ASUS support is absolutely horrendous. Samsung was better but did not resolve the issue either.

    Please do not do that, the Intel 750 has horrid performance, especially if used as a boot drive. It may transfer fast, but it is still pretty slow.
  7. The problem with my m.2 socket was actually the CPU.
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