How many lanes does this PCI-e card need?

Dear all,

I am a little stuck.
I have the following card:
Also there are different other cards I want to use in the PC. I am not totaly sure how to read this.
Almost at the end is stated that it is compatible with x8 and x4 bandwith.
In order to function properly how many does this card need.
Will it still run at full speed with x4?
Or is it that with x8 I will get full speed and with x4 I will get half?

Thanks in advanced!

Kind regards
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    If the x4 link is PCIe 3.0 you'll get full bandwidth. If it's PCIe 2.0 then theoretically you'd only get 8Gbit when maxing out both ports (still 10Gbit when maxing only one).
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