CPU Upgrade for Lenovo G560

Hello Community!!

I have Lenovo G560 Laptop, I want to upgrade my CPU

My Lenovo Configuration in Brief is

P6100 2.00 Ghz Processor
4 GB DDR3 SD Ram (2*2)
320 GB HDD
Win 10 Home (Have upgrade from Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit)

Kindly let me know all supported CPU and what is max Ram support for my Laptop.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Physically, I think that socket (G1 rPGA988) will take up to an i7 620m Dual core or i7 720qm quad core.

    You will need to check specifically on Lenovo's site to tell what they support officially, but I would assume any processor that they sold in the chassis would work, IF the BIOS you have will support it and the possible change from the Pentium you have.

    CPU upgrades for laptops can be physically challenging and the laptop itself is build with a tight envelope for heat and power. Your laptop may not be able to handle the extra load eve in the chip will fit.
  2. Hello,

    Thanks for your reply, Yes you are right about socket detail, My BIOS version is Insyde Software 29CN35WW(V2.12)

    Will Intel Core i5 560M 2.66Ghz 3M Laptop Processor work?

    Thanks in advance
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    It will fit, and is appropriate, but I cannot tell if it will actually work. Contact Lenovo on that one. Laptop manufacturers control what works and what can be upgraded on their systems quite strictly. I have not done this, and very few of the two million board members will have and of them it is unlikely that any will read this post :(
  4. Thanks for your reply, I will do it as you suggested , Thanks for your time again, Appreciate
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