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I have an older desktop hp 1380t with a H-Joshua-H61-uATX motherboard. Unfortunatley, my existing HD crashed with the OS on it. I purchased a Samsung 1TB SSD figuring on getting rid of the old spinning disk tech. I believe my motherboard only has 4 Sata 1.0 ports. Would it be best to hook up my new drive with a sata 1.0 port, usb 3.0, or install a card to add the best sata ports? Secondly, if I put the downloaded 64bit windows 10 OS on the new SSD drive, will the OS install and use the serial number from the previous install of windows 10?

thanks for your help
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    Hey there, sdepace.

    Getting an SSD for SATA 1 interface is not really the best idea. Unfortunately the SSD will be limited to speeds of 150Mb/s max, which is around what you get from an HDD. However you'd still have the greatly faster access time so it's not a complete loss in terms of performance. Even if you get a PCIe to SATA adapter, I'm not sure if you'd be able to boot from this drive if you connect it this way. I'd recommend that you get in touch with the mobo manufacturer's customer support and ask if this is possible and if there's a BIOS update which might allow it if it's not supported by the current version.
    As for the OS, what do you mean by "the downlaoded 64bit Windows 10"? If you mean you've downloaded it from Microsoft's website and created a bootable media with which to install it and if you already have a product key for the exact same version of Windows - it should work.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Great thanks for the quick reply. What about using the internal USB 3 which I already have a SSD to USB cable?
  3. Sorry, it seems like I've missed that in your post. Basically I don't think you'd be able to use the full version of Windows 10 and you'd have to install Windows 10 To Go as shown here:, but I don't really recommend it. Here you'd be able to see the main differences between the desktop version and the To Go version of Windows (don't mind that it's 8.1, things are practically the same):
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