5820K or 6700K Gaming (Star Citizen + others)

6700k or 5820k for gaming general? For the new game star citizen coming out which is said to be aiming to "utilize all current tech as of release".

So will a 6 core be worth it? Or should I save maybe a tiny bit of money and go for the 6700K?

I also do programming on the side (Im an amature) and I rarely only have just the game open. Chrome, Teamspeak, Skype, Steam. Etc.
(I will have a good graphics card and SSD, etc. Just wondering about the CPU in this instance.)

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  1. The faster core speeds of the i7-6700 will prevail.
    Since few games can use more than 2-3 cores, the i5-6600K will game just as well as the 6700K.
    Use the savings toward a stronger graphics card.
  2. Of the 2 I'd go the 6700K.
  3. You don't think that the 5820K's extra cores will prove to be more efficient in a game like Star Citizen? / With Chrome open as well as Teamspeak, etc.
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    The 6700k has a marginal advantage in single core speeds, which lend to a general advantage in gaming. Its never as simple as people would like you to believe however, every other part of your build effects real world performance. Ive seen several sets of gaming benchmarks showing the 5820k outperforming the 6700k, while clocked LOWER. If the price is equal, the 5820k has greater advantages. But, skylake prices are finally becoming reasonable, so saving a bit of money is a possibility. As someone who has spent time using both, I dont think you will be disappointed either way.
  5. Right now, no one knows what the final specs will be by the time it launches in 2 or 3 years time. save your money, and buy when the specs have officially been released otherwise there is the danger you could be playing SC with a mid table system. If you need a gaming system, by a budget gaming system and throw a GTX1060 into it... not as if you cant throw something together decent like, for 400 / 500 $ just to tied you over until it launches. People are going to be very sorry they did not wait very disappointed!
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