Please help. Built new sytsem and it having alot of issues! Its caused alot of headache and i just want my beast to work :(

Ok so i have built this pc a little over 2 months ago. I was very excited until i started playing games. So at first i though ok maybe a game issue....then i noticed it was in more...then i noticed ok its all my games. This was a huge let down as iv never been able to afford a pc like this.

The issue is this. Every game i play i suffer from low performance. I get a ton of stuttering in every single game i play but more extreme then that if I am not using v sync its not smooth at all.. I have tried 3 different monitors and two tvs. All of them yield the same result. With v sync off although i get high frames its like the image itself is vibrating. when anything on the system hit 100% and frames start dropping OMG is it bad. Going from 60 to 58-59 usually results in a massive stutter. Now to try a few thing i put the monitor into 30hz and locked the game at the v sync of 30 hz when i did this it resulted in the same vibrating image as say 120 fps except when going below 60 fps with or without v sync give this effect regardless but with alot of what feels like lag and extreme choppiness. So what im having to do is turn down settings to get a 60 fps all the time. Wich i feel i shouldn't have to do. And even still i feel like 40-60 fps should be just fine in terms of smoothness. This is a really hard issue to explain. What it comes down to is no matter what if i don't use v sync the image is literally vibrating and if it goes under 60 the vibrating get worse and choppiness sets in. I feel like i cant win. So i though it was the video card and 2 rma's and an upgrade later same result. I went from a 980 to a 980 ti. So now i notice that almost everything i do is maxing out a core on my cpu wich is bizarre. I can be watching twitch and iv get a core up to 90% i get massive spikes when doing anything like opening the browser or an application on my pc. To sum all of this up the system feels incredibly unstable when pushed to any limit. Is it the cpu or is it the mobo? i don't know but its killing me everyday i try and play a game. So to add to this everytime i change anything in bios it forgets my boot options. and a few days ago changing NOTHING on my pc i shut it down went to bed woke up and boom stuck in a boot loop. This is my third windows installation because if all this. So to get it to boot i had to go into bios and force boot the drive. So now as it sits i have defaulted the bios and now the "high performance power plan" in windows is not keeping my cpu at its max frequency Combined scores in 3d mark are low and i just dont know wtf to do anymore. Also i may add that after defaulting the bios it failed to boot with Q-code 00. Never seen that one till now either. It also feels as though the CPU's overall utilization is just all over the place. I am really sorry if iv mispelt anything this was a lot to type. I really hope someone can help me as this whole thing honestly makes me want to cry im almost 4 grand into this rig PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. Every game results in these issues and i can even see the vibrating image in benchmarks over 60 fps and the extreme choppiness below 60 this is both with and without v sync


Mobo: Asus Rampage V Extreme Running Bios 1902 (most recent)
CPU: Intel i7-5930k (stock clocks)
Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (model # CMD16GX4MB3000C15) running in 2133hmz as trial and error on this issue
GFX card: EVGA GTX 980TI acx 2.0
Power supply: EVGA super nova 1300w
CPU cooler: Enermax 240d
OS: Had windows 8.1 on 3 installs and now trying windows 10
Storage: 1x samsung evo 250Gb 2x 500gb evos no spinning disks
Monitor : Asus PB287Q using diplay port Daily and gaming Res i use 2460x1440 @ 60hz

Please if i missed somthing im sorry i will be happy to supply anything else if i missed anything. I honestly feel this maybe a faulty mobo but i need more thoughts please Thank you in advance to anyone who took the time to read this and give your thoughts
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    motherboard / cpu / ram issue. I bet the mobo.

    I recommend asus mobos but the rampages had a lot of returns. Take it back and get a refund or replacement. If refund, swap it for a regular Asus board such as the X99-A
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