Booting issues with Asus maximus viii ranger z170

Hello all,

I have recently revamped my PC and I am having issues when I reset the machine. It doesn't boot on reset unless I access the BIOS first.


CPU: core i5 6600k
MoBo: Asus maximus viii ranger z170
SSD: OCZ Vector 150 (It boots from the SSD but the Windows 10 file reside on the western digital hard disk)

I imagine more details will be needed so ask away. Any help appreciated.
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  1. Change the bootdisk to the WD in the BIOS
  2. Paul NZ said:
    Change the bootdisk to the WD in the BIOS

    If only life were that simple. The WD drive is not available as a boot option from the bios. Let me be clear here, this is a new mobo and CPU over on old installation on win 10. It's beginning to like a fresh installation of Windows might be the answer.
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    If it wasnt a clean install then yup it'd be better if you did a clean install

    But if it doesnt appear in the bios whether its the bootdisk or not, then obviously its got a problem
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