Far Cry 4 just 20fps average

why i just get 18-22fps even at low setting and 1366x768
i use fraps to track fps

my laptop
Intel i5 5200u 2.2 GHz
AMD Radeon r9 M275X 4GB

need help , please
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    1. Your laptop gpu is not powerful enough to play FC4 at 1366x768 unlees you turn down settings, put shadows, antialiasing and ambient occulsion to low, textures and others medium, disable motion blur and v sync.

    2. Fraps is known to have issues with fps, at low fps like what you are experiencing you should turn it off.

    3. Here are some things you can try out to improve you frames or overall smoothness, go to your gpu's control panel under manage 3d settings find Farcry 4's exe and set max pre-rendered frames and max virtual frames to 1. Put threaded optimization to on, disable vsync, disable antroscopic filtering and antialiasing.
    Hopefully these help if not the only answer is to reduce the resolution
  2. Your CPU and GPU barely meet the minimum system requirements and Far Cry 4 is a very GPU-intensive game. Lowering the graphical fidelity is your only option.
  3. 1-laptop not good for gaming
    2-FRAPS is bringing down your fps on a non-gaming laptop
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