want to upgrade my pc with one of these models:
(need a 2 fan model because of ~25 cm space..)

gigabyte gtx 960 oc windforce 2x 4gb (1x6pin 1x 8pin)
evga gtx 960 ssc acx 2.0 4gb (1x 8 pin)

both are about same stock clock rates...

my questions / opionions are:

both got a backplate, only evga got a front plate for memory cooling -> is that necessary/useful?
anyone expiriences??

the gigabyte model comes with 2 extra connectors, one of them 8 pin..
since i got a 700w psu with 82% output (30a on each of 2 12v lanes) do i have more OC capabilities since the maximum power draw is about 75w + 150w (6pin + 8 pin) + 66w ci-e bus???
meaning a theoretical 300w usage at full load oc'd??

--> i definitely want to clock the card around 1500mhz with 8000mhz mem !!!
...and stay as cool as possible...
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  1. none, r9 380 out performs the gtx 960, (this is coming from a nvidia fan)
  2. well i'll check that for a m oment.. but is it stiil better when oci-ing ??
  3. and for which model should i go usually like gigabyte msi and evga before..
  4. Anonymous said:
    and for which model should i go usually like gigabyte msi and evga before..

    Sapphire R9 380 - $185
  5. so IF i'd got for that how far can i usually overclock them
  6. ok, checked that they're a bit faste by stock but still want to go for my choice, so what do you think?
  7. quote: 'Obviously because the R9 380 is better.......I OC'd my 960 past 1500 MHz and I get very likeable performance, pushes it way past any overclocked R9 380....'
  8. well and YOU are jusrt running on a gtx 970, pal... :)
  9. Best answer
    not too sure about ocing potential
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