Compatibility Corsair 300R with LGA1151 maximus hero viii


I plan to upgrade my PC. The build i wish to go for is a i7 6700K and Maximus viii hero board.
Looking at the websites i have a feeling I will have trouble with the cooling because my case is small. Its a Corsair 300R...

Could you help me with what would be the best cooler to use?

Thanks I really appreciate a reply.
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    That case will fit that motherboard easily and it should run cool. Here's a review of the case and you can seethat the CPU cooler clearance is 170mm, so that will take almost any air cooler. The Skylake chips seem to run out of voltage before they over heat. I like downdraft coolers because they also cool the motherboard and VRMs, so I'd start with a RAIJINTEK Pallas for a cheaper option or a Noctua C14 for something 'big' I would expect you to get and overclock to within 100Mhz of maximum using the Pallas, and that might be at a voltage too high for 24/7 use anyway.
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