Heatsink to OC i5 4690k?

What fan should i get to OC my i5 4690k? How far can I OC with the H7, is it worth the extra $12 to get the H5? Also are they quiet compared to stock cooler?

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    The H7 cooler says it displaces 140 watts of power it is a bit better than a hyper212 the H5 says it can displace 180 Watts of power giving it 40 more watts of displacement.
    With the H7 the 4.4 area should be doable you really can't get exact numbers because all chips are different.
  2. I'll get the H7 then, 4.4 ghz is all the more i need. thanks
  3. No guarantee on 4.4 it will depend on how much voltage the chip your receive needs to be 100% stable. By the way that is a very good choice going with a Cryorig cooler I replaced my H100 water cooler with a R1 and actually lowered my temps a couple C.
    If your in for the long hall and the H5 will fit in your case I would consider the extra 15 bucks or so a fairly good investment for when you need to overclock the processor a bit more when it's near the end of it's performance life. That might buy you another year before rebuilding or buying a better cooler.
    You should be able to get 4.4 in the 1.18/1.19 area (depending on the chip) on the Vcore voltage, my 4790K at 4.6 is on 1.22
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