Motherboard and case swap with SSD boot drive and 1TB HDD

I everyone, first post here.

So I'm swapping all of my components from my current rig to a new mini-ITX board and case (Smaller form factor). I plan on re-installing windows on my SSD boot drive, but my question is, will all my extra files on my HDD still be accessible once I re-install windows on the SSD (I.E. Programs, Music, Folders... etc.)? And should I backup the SSD files onto the HDD?

Current Setup:

CPU: i5-4690K
Mobo: ATX Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7
PSU: Corsair C750M
120GB SSD as boot drive
1TB HDD for mass storage
OS: Win 7

New Mobo: ASRock Z97E-ITX/AC
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    Yes, you should be able to see all the files in your HDD after installation is complete. I would use the adapter below to avoid any os issues.
  2. Welcome, rvillnascar24!

    Just like @ak47jar3d mentioned, you shouldn't face any issues accessing your secondary HDD drive even with the new motherboard and OS. However, you might face issues with some of the programs as the new OS and motherboard would require you to reinstall the software as well. You shouldn't have trouble with your media files, though. If you have any important data on the SSD as well, you should back it up before beginning the Windows installation as it would completely reformat and erase all data on the SSD.

    Best of luck!
    SuperSoph_WD :)
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