External Hard Drive Not showing up in Disk Management but shows up in Device Manager

I have a 3TB Western Digital My Book External Hard drive. The drive was formatted as ext3 and connected to my router, but the enclosure seemed to be faulty since it was making weird sounds.

I took the drive (WD30EZRX) out of the enclosure and put it into a new enclosure, that is known to be working, and connected it to my Win10 computer. My goal is to reformat the drive (I don't care about existing data) to NTFS.

However, the drive does not show up in Disk Management. I do see it in Device Manager -> Hard Drives however it is using a Microsoft Driver from 2006 and Update Drivers says I already have the newest.

Is there any way I can salvage this drive and reformat it? If I could get it to appear under disk management then I could easily do this.

Note that I also tried connecting it to my Mac and the drive did not appear under Disk Utility.

thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Which enclosure did you get? Not all of them support drives larger then 2TB...
  2. popatim said:
    Which enclosure did you get? Not all of them support drives larger then 2TB...

    Mediasonic Probox USB 3.0 K32-SU3. It says on the box that it supports up to 4TB
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    There are many bad reviews on the net for that enclosure. Can you exchange it?
    One post suggest powering on the enclosure first for 15 seconds before connecting it to the pc.
  4. Hi there tttmack,

    I agree with popatim and would say that the issue you are facing is most probably caused by the enclosure.
    For some reason, your system detects only the enclosure(Device Manager) but not the HDD itself.(Disk Management)
    If you attach the drive internally to a computer, you will be sure if all of this is caused by the enclosure or the HDD itself.
    In case the HDD works just fine when attached internally, then you will need to get another enclosure.(or just USB to SATA adapter + power cord)

    D_Know_WD :)
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