Fatal1ty Z97 Professional VS. GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 VS. VS Asus maximus VII Hero

I built a plan to use ASUS but I can not find it anywhere.

I think these are the only Z97 boards which combine a not Realtek and Intel ethernet.

I could still find a slight downgrade, the Maximus 7 Ranger.
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  1. I have owned both brands and loved them both. Running asrock atm and could not be happier. I guess whichever has the io and specs you need, Both are top notch!
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    I own the HERO , but both companies make quality boards , Hero is probably my favorite ASUS line.
  3. I think that a G1 has no socket with M.2? Would I need one to run PCI-e SSD like the 950 Pro?
  4. Yes you would
  5. I could still have a PCI-E 950 Pro in a standard PCI-e socket if I understand correctly?

    If I could get a HERO it includes interesting extras like Sonic Studio, Game Boost, etc.

    Could I get them as third party programs instead or would I not have those features on a different brand?

    Do you know a place I could still get a HERO?
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