Is an i7 4790 better than an i5 4690k (not overclocked) for gaming and video editing?

I am considering to upgrade my cpu from an i5 4690k to an i7 4790. If I sell my old CPU and my old monitor (upgraded that recently to 1080p) then I could afford an i7 CPU. The high-end i7's are out of my budget and I want to get ready for Virtual Reality and stuff. I might dabble in video editing in the future when I get more time and a good program. Currently I have the i5 4590k CPU and it has been very good so far. However, a lot of games such as a heavily modded Skyrim (with ENB's) and a modded Witcher 3 are crashing a lot lately.

Since I want very good performance and possibly more monitors then I might upgrade my CPU as well as my ram and get an SSD. Or would just an SSD solve my problems? I know that mods are half the problem but I want to upgrade for future proofness for next-gen games and VR when it gets cheaper. Would I benefit from an i7 4790? My motherboard does not support over-clocking. At the time I got an unlocked CPU cause I thought I might upgrade my motherboard. However I have decided to stick with the mobo for now since if I do OC'ing I'd have to upgrade my PSU as well and that would be too expensive. So should I get an i7 4790? Would it make much of a difference coming from an i5 4690k? Should I get the locked i5 6600? Or is there a better intel CPU out there like an i5 or higher? My PSU is 500 watts and I have a GTX 970 (NOT overclocked).

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the long-winded question!
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  1. Id say yes, go for the 4790, sine the 4790 still boosts up to 4.4 ghz while you'd be lucky to get 4.5, 4.6 on a 4690k. Also with hyperthreading being hugely beneficial for video editing

    you also wouldnt see much benefit from going from a 4590 to a 4690k, the 4590 is a great cpu
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    Yes it is , ideal for Video Editing with the hyperthreading , and a VERY GOOD GAMER.
  3. In gaming terms you are likely to see very little to no difference between those CPUs and it certainly is not worth the cost in my opinion.

    Unless you are performing tasks that are very intensive on your CPU then you should keep your money. Even for video editing, unless you are doing a lot of this I would still advocate to stick with the i5 but obviously not everyone will agree with me.
  4. Hi

    My advice is sort out the instability first
    Check hard disk possibly using Hirens boot cd collection of diagnostic programs

    Check ram using memtest86 ( also on hirens boot cd or windows dvd)

    Motherboard drives & gpu drivers upto date etc

    Most games only need 8 GB RAM
    Video editing may use extra 8GB RAM but may produce instability if 4 x 4 GB and not matching set
    Ssd much cheaper nowdays usefull for windows disk and loading programs faster

    No point in paying a lot of money for a i7 without a large increase in performance

    Business may justify these increase where time is money,
    less so for hobby or games playing

    Make sure new i5 or i7 fits in same socket as current motherboard

    1156, 1155, 1150 and now 1151 ?

    Mike Barnes
  5. modding is always a luck shot if you are doing that it wil always be hard not to get crashes so i only use the mods that dont cause trouble for me and try to remember which ones didn't make me crash or unable to play a game in my case i am modding fallout 4 i am sure its not your cpu what causes the crashes
  6. It may help some for editing, otherwise if it's the i7 4790 (non k) it boosts to 4ghz, not 4.4. That's the faster 4790k. With an i5 oc'd to 4.5 or 4.6ghz it may very well catch up to the 4790 stock in most tasks.

    This shows some bench times for converting video to 720p bluray, the 4790 and 4790k are the same cpu but with different clock speeds. The additional speed gives almost a 9% speed increase. The 4790 (non k) is 100mhz faster base and turbo than the 4690k at stock so the difference is mostly the hyperthreading and yet it only gives a 6% speed improvement. Overclock the 4690k and that gap quickly closes.,3722.html

    The 4690k and 4790 are almost identical here at 4k editing.,3702.html

    I imagine it would depend on the specific program used, however the differences are leaning toward a slight improvement and bordering on side grade than worthwhile upgrade.
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