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This is my first time posting and I'm not the most up to date with pc technology but my pc was struck by lightning yesterday and I will claim from insurance but from what I can tell the entire pc isn't fried looks like the surge knock the psu and the gpu which is a twin frozr hd 7870, reason I have come to this conclusion is the gpu won't display at all on my screen which is a Samsung 23" monitor so I installed my older hd 4000series and it worked but as soon as I load a game screen goes black and I have to cut the power to reboot. Any comments with that regard would be appreciated.... Then my next topic is they will have to replace my gpu but what is the current equivalent to the twin frozr hd 7870 for both amd and nvidia I'm not phased with either brand ......
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    A GTX 960 would be a about the same as the HD 7870....with a little more power and newer features. So here is my recommendations:

    As for a PSU any good 500w or 550w would do you just fine.
  2. Thanks for the prompt response I will definitely make a note for the insurance company..
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