graphics upgrade for acer tc-605

I need a graphics card that will support display port for Acer pc and Eizo monitor (using adobe PS & Lightroom). Have an Acer TC-605 with an nvidia geforce gtx 745 4 Gb which only has a HDMI output.
Any suggestions for a compatible card?
Will I need a new power supply?
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  1. The Acer website is listing the supplied PSU at 200W, if this is true I would replace it before I used a discreet video card. Otherwise you would be limited to a 60W TDP GPU or lower. The only card that I see as an improvement is the GTX 750 Ti.

    If it was me I would replace the PSU and get a card better than the 750 Ti. But first what are you using the computer for? Maybe you don't need a really fast card.
  2. A 750 Ti will never run on a 200 watt power supply, especially one in an Acer system which uses cheaper components. If the system turns on with it, it will crash under load.

    I don't think even a regular 750 will run in that system without a new power supply.

    Something like this may work

    Without a power supply upgrade you are a bit limited in speed of card with a display port you can get.
  3. And normally I would agree with you but he is already running a GTX 745 which has about the same power pull.

    I don't always trust that the PSU listed on manufacturer's website is actually what is in the machine. Having said this I would still buy a new PSU and get a good card (as long as the poster needs it).
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