Windows 7 computer not showing advanced boot options(none of the shortcuts to get access to BIOS, Safe mode ETC)

Hi :) im somewhat knew to the computer service scene however i like to do a bit of troubleshooting in my spare time on my own computer and assist friends with their computer issues, however i have ran into an issue when trying to do a clean install of windows 8.1 from 7 on a friends computer. So what has happened is that i tried to install windows 8.1 from a bootable USB(which is what i used to install it myself and i succeeded and from there i upgraded to windows 10 and my computer runs perfect. However upon the restart of my friends computer there was no display(the monitor would stay on standby mode) and even pressing F8,Delete, F12 and to no avail the monitor would just stay in sandby mode. So it sounds like it is a video driver issue and im not entirely sure how to fix this issue. would you guys have any ideas? dont ask me of the specs because i myself am not entirely sure i did take the case off and it looks like he is using a Nvidia Geforce 660 or one of the Geforce 6xx Series im not sure what the mobo is either. this is a pain because i havent had any issues like this and to my knowledge i havent experienced any computer where i havent been able to boot into safe mode in order to fix the issue. my friends computer was riddeled with malware(computer boosters and driver boosters and registry cleaners to "boost the performance" which would only make it worse.
(doesnt just have to be one answer i can talk for however long)

does anyone have a solution to this?
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  1. Need a bit clearer post, start at the beginning. What did you do to the computer? You said a clean setup of Windows 8.1, so you wiped the hard drive and installed Windows 8? Did that go through all he way with no issues? When did the system reboot to no screen? Is it actually turning on OK, fans go on, hard drive sounds like it's working? Do you see the BIOS screen when it starts?
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