What is the best survival online multi-player right now? Your thoughts?

I want to know which one to try. Every game I have looked into appears to be cool for one reason or another, so what should I be looking at?

The Forrest
Many others... ect...
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  1. They aren't MMOs. Check out 7 Days to Die.
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    They kind of are MMO's.

    And it's so hard to pick, it really comes down to personal preference.

    Rust/ARK is probably the most popular game of them all.
  3. well. h1z1 runs best out of all of those games and is quite fun too. Dayz is a turd right now. Rust is OK but it needs some work. ARK is good but only if your running on a supercomputer is it playable. and the Forrest is a REALLY good game, but i think its 2 player at the most
  4. ARKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha its the best, plain and simple.
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