1 week old R9 390x problem.. green/ red particles and games crashing on start

Just bought a R9 390x video card. Along with a antec 750W gold certified power supply, also had unit switched over to a cool master case.
Ran fine for about 5 days .. while playing diablo 3 the graphics started going totally haywire.. thick black jagged lines everywhere, screen in and out. Closed out program when to desktop and noticed red and green like particles in the background of desktop/ whole picture. Tried reinstalling video drivers, beta drivers, different monitor. Also tried running rise of the tomb raider and the card completely crashes out with an error.
Game like diablo 3 will turn on but still with same terming and black lines all over the screen.
What are the chances that I have a bad GPU?
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  1. Sounds like a bad card.
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