How to Connect WD My Book not my book live to router via USB Hub

Hi All,
2 Years ago i buy My Book
The My Book does not have an Ethernet port.I do my work from my laptop while moving a lot from room to room. Still, the WD My Book is a fixed DAS device (Directly Attached Storage), meaning it's designed to connect via USB to the PC/laptop.
I have Huawei EchoLife HG8045 company router. i'm using that for internet and wifi.

My questions are:
1) How i connect my book to router?
2) If i can't use this router so i have to buy new router?

I waste too much time on this. i have to back up and format my laptop hard disk.
Please help me out. Thanks very much in advance.
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  1. Welcome to the community, Golden Lion!

    I'm afraid you won't be able to connect your WD My Book to the router without it having a USB port. There are routers that incorporate USB ports, which would allow you plug external HDDs, so I believe that one of your options would be to upgrade the router.
    You should also keep in mind that you can upgrade the storage device itself to a Network Attached Storage, as it is specifically designed to be used with routers and is connected via Ethernet. NAS also allows you to access its data remotely and from various devices.
    I'd still recommend you to do regular backups of the data you have on your WD My Book and have it copied to, at least, one other location. This is the best way to avoid any potential data loss.

    Hope this was helpful. Best of luck!
  2. Hi Dear,
    Thanks for reply and save my time.
    1. My router have have USB Port n i also have USB cable
    2. Network Attached Storage link can't open Please send me link again
    3. You recommend NAS
  3. Best answer
    Hey there again, Golden Lion!

    I believe you should be able to connect the WD My Book to the router since it has a USB port available. However, you should keep in mind that desktop external HDDs are not designed for network use. Having a NAS system is definitely a much better storage solution, if remote access is what you are after.
    Here's the link to our Cloud storage solutions from my previous post:

    I'd still advise you to backup the data from the external on your computer or on another external storage for safety keeping. Having multiple copies of it, is how you will avoid any potential data loss. Some routers tend to corrupt the file system and might require you to reformat the external device.
    I'd also recommend you to check the file systems that you router support in the manual or on the manufacturer's official website. If your WD My Book is formatted in NTFS and the router is not supporting it, you'd most probably need to change it to exFAT or FAT32.

    Keep me posted if you have more questions. :)
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