Will the Scythe Mugen 4 perform as well as the Noctua NH-14S?

As the title says.

The few tests that I could find which compared them directly, came up with results that seemed quite unbelievable considering the difference in price. Other than great customer service, what makes U14S so much more expensive than the Scythe? As far as I could see they perform quite similarly in both cooling performance and noise, while the Noctua is much heavier.

It all seems very subjective to me, can't figure out what the prices are based on with all these coolers.
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    Cryorig H5 Ultimate
  2. The Noctuas come with a higher quality build, a six year warranty (including fans), and what many consider to be the best installation method available. When new chipsets come out requiring a different type of mounting, they send you a free upgrade if requested so that you can re-use the cooler on the new MB. It's a Chevy to a Lexus, both will do an excellent job.
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