Can not overclock i5 3470 on z68 motherboard

I have i5 3470 with Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 motherboard,latest BIOS ( F8 ) and I can not raise multiplier beyond x36 and the same settings I had on H61 chipset.

these settings I have in BIOS and maximum is x36 I even tried CTRL + F1 for hidden BIOS options on GB motherboards,but no additional options

So Im frustrated I have same options on Z68 chipset like I had on H61 low end chipset lol

There are two revision of this motherboard,I have revision 1 and for revision 2 there is UEFI BIOS update to unlock ivy bridge multiplier and for revision 1 there isnt :fou:

Can I flash somehow revision 2 bios uefi to revision 1,could I corrupt motherboard ?
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  1. you need an i5/i7 -K chip to multiplier OC.
  2. No,I dont need to.

    Please dont misguide if you cant help me,here is screenshot of i5 3470 overclocked to 4 GHz.

    On P67/Z68/Z77 chipset motherboard you can raise multiplier beyond factory limit,I wondered why I cant do it on my motherboard.
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    Yes you can raise the turbo bins by 4x. For that chip when two cores are being maxed you will get 4ghz. When three are maxed, 3.9g and when all four only 3.8g. You van only do this on z77 mobos I believe.
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