my hard drive is making a strange "tick" noise

and fails to start up. it looks like something is stuck. is it something i can fix at home, or should i take it to a store - i rather not.
here's audio:
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  1. hi there unfortunately it is very hard to fix as the arm that drives the reader has jammed and more than likely wrecked the silver disk inside had one go on me the same a while back id recommend a new hard drive
  2. you mean none of the data is recoverable?
  3. Tick noises basically mean that the HDD is going to die soon. It would be better to buy a new one.
  4. Unless if you have a lot of money to pay, no the data is not recoverable.
  5. there two tricks that might work once. slight tap the side of the drive with a screw driver to see if the spindle will unstick. if it unlocks you have one time to get your data off. another trick is sometime freezing the drive and then tapping it to see if the spindle will unstick. if not the data is lost unless you send it to a data recovery lab.
  6. how much money would we be talking about? what problem can i request to be fixed at the store so i don't get over priced for troubleshooting, detection, etc
  7. smorizio said:
    another trick is sometime freezing the drive and then tapping it to see if the spindle will unstick.

    what, freezing, as in sticking it into a freezer?
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    Hi there Ricardo_7,

    Try using different cables(SATA+power ones) and attach the drive to a different SATA port or another system.
    In case the issue persists, you will need to contact a data recovery company(as some of the guys suggested) in case the data is really important. Most of the HDD manufacturers offer their own data recovery services or have some sort of data recovery partners. It would be best to check that out. In case you are interested in price, etc. etc., I believe the guys over there should be really helpful.

    In case you decide to do that, it may be a good idea not to try some DIY methods that could further damage the drive.(freezing is one of them)

  9. k, thx y'all.
  10. Hard drives are slow and as you know can break very easily. You can get SSD's pretty cheap now. I got mine for a good deal.
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