Need help choosing motherboard (LGA1151) and DDR4 Ram $450 Budget

Hi all

So what makes a good motherboard? To be honest I have no clue I look at it, oh its $200 or more dollars I hope its good. Ive since been stuck with 1 decent pciex16 slot and the limitations of the LGA1155 socket. Below are the few choices Ive selected, its essential to me that motherboard can support two graphics in the future, LGA 1151 socket for skylake icore 7 6700k and DDR 4 3200mhz+ ram.
This board has stuff on it, I don't know what it is but I'm worried it may cause fitting issues with custom cooler and case pc parts was used but I could find my actual case just something similar.
Also whatever those large parts are on the board can they be removed?
Not sure if this board has two decent pciex16 slots
Never used Asrock before are they good?

As for the ram DDR4 3200mhz speed or more would be great and 8gbx2 unfortunately the stock for the better ram on that site for my pick up location is out. If needed the ram can wait.
Only choice in stock currently.
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    what makes a good motherboard?

    for me reliability and having the features i need

    3200mhz ram isnt really necessary 2400mhz should be fine

    those large parts i assume are heatsinks--they shouldnt get in the way of your cooler
  2. "Plus a dedicated onboard water-pump header". I have never delt with water cooling what is that Dulith? I like what im seeing on this board however those PCIE slots are you sure If I get two cards they will run at x16 3.0?

    2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8)
    1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (max at x4 mode) *1
    3 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1
    1 x PCI

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  3. Because of stock issues these are my new choices below what im wondering is whether there is a big difference between the motherboards below. In terms of price.
  4. I bought the parts below they didn't have the ram I wanted all I wanna know now is whether this ram is good or I should return and get quad channel ddr 4 ram instead or something else.
  5. ram is good though theres not much benefit in ram over 2400--2666

    theres an article on here somewhere about that
  6. mcnumpty23 said:
    ram is good though theres not much benefit in ram over 2400--2666

    theres an article on here somewhere about that

    Thanks for the vote of support about the ram I was worried that I did the wrong thing and should waited and ordered the corsair platinum quad channel ram @$259
  7. i have used g-skill ram since a long time ago when most people hadnt even heard of them--never had any complaints with it at all
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