World of Warcraft keeps minimizing Please Help!

Hello Thank you for your time, I have been searching for a solution but can't seem to find one. I play World of Warcraft and the game keeps minimizing to desktop for no reason even if keys are not being hit. I also have my windows key locked out as well as the alt + tab key.
Thanks again!
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  1. Sounds like another application in the background is causing the issue. I'd recommend disabling start up applications and making sure that all other applications are closed for testing. If it stops, enable/launch them one at a time until you find out what program is stealing focus.
  2. Thank you for that quick answer I'm testing it now! will report back soon
  3. I disabled every startup program restarted my PC and while it seemed fine at first 15 minutes into the game I was auto minimized
  4. Anti-Virus programs often cause this
  5. I still have not resolved the problem :[
  6. JJRedtail said:
    I still have not resolved the problem :[

    Do you have an AV software installed on your computer? Is your computer downloading Windows updates?
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