[HDD?] Suddenly got really slow.

Hello and thanks for your time.

About a month ago I bought a new HDD (WD Black 1Tb if it matters). And after cloning my previous disc everything went alright. However after ~2 Weeks suddenly the pc had to take like 1 hour to open windows and even then everything was really slow (Windows explorer took like 2 minutes to load, watching movies was like seeing a youtube video on 50kbps speed e.t.c., also my computer during that time got "freezes" were I couldn't change window and (sometimes) even move my mouse). I figured that my HDD might have a problem so I loaded up my previous drive and everything worked fine. I did some tests to my old drive and didn't found much, except that I had 3 bad sectors.

So after that I decided to try reinstalling windows. It worked for like 10 days but now (suddenly) my pc got slow again (It doesn't take as much to load but still everything is really slow and I get "freezes" all the time)

Now I am from my old HDD where everything works fine. As I am inexperienced about drives I have no idea what the problem might be (or even if the HDD is really the problem)

Any suggestions would be really appreciated
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  1. the first thing i would do is run some HDD diagnostic spftware like Spinrite to check the drive's health because it could be failing on you
  2. Thanks for your answer, let me ask a few things since I don't know much about these things.

    Do I have to run the test in the os inside the HDD? or it doesn't matter? Also can you provide (if you can) a program that is free that I can use, or it doesn't matter which one as long as it tests the drive and what kind of test should I be looking to do?

    Anyway I don't think that the smart and read test are very informative (aside from that I have 5 bad sectors) , In case anyone is interested :


    (The test wasn't done in the os inside the HDD)
  3. as long as the program is able to give basic information it will do. i would try to run the test in the OS and outside the OS on a bootdisk
  4. So I started doing the basic test of WD on the hard drive, but the quick test failed and about the extended test even though I expected it to take some hours , needing a week is insane (the needed time goes up continuously)


    Should I be worried?
  5. yea if the test is showing its going to take a long time ther must be something wrong with the drive. maybe too many unreadable sectors
  6. Thank you for your answers so far.

    So the extended test is over (3,5 hours) and it seems that I've got 7 bad sectors that can't be repaired?


    Can anyone tell me what does this mean. Should I be looking to do anything?

    I also want to do a read test inside the os of the HDD to see if it is different, but that might take a while because it is so slow...
  7. when there are bad sectors that cannot be repaired it means there is a physical issue with the drive such as a scratch on one of the platters. meaning that the reason your drive is so slow is because it has to keep going over those unreadable sectors. i know i mentioned it before but if you have important data on the drive it may be a good idea to purchase a copy of Spinrite because there have been times it has been able to recover dead drives for people

  8. Because the HDD is freshly cloned there aren't many important things that I have to backup. Thanks for your suggestion anyway.

    I did some reading tests inside the os. These are some of the results :


    As you may can see the hard drive sometimes works fine and sometimes seems to not do anything at all (this is when i also get the "freeze" effect).

    So the HDD stucks while reading the bad sectors? (shouldn't these sectors get noted so that the hdd doesn't write over them?) Also why during this time doing things like switching tabs on chrome or just typing takes 2-5 minutes? shouldn't these tasks work on the RAM instead? (i have no idea).

    Anyway what should I do now? Is it fixable? Should I (if I even can for this reason idk) RMA the HDD, or do anything else? (like idk installing windows again?)
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