PC keeps randomly crashing to random colored screen while playing games

Recently my friend and I upgraded the cpu in my pc, from a defective cpu that wouldn't run games at all to an amd Athlon x4 860k. my games went from running at 20-30 fps to hitting 50-60, but, the problem was, after a few minutes, my computer crashes to a randomly colored screen, red blue black green or just about any other color, and becomes unresponsive and I have to force shut down my pc.
My build

CPU: Amd Athlon x4 860k
Graphic card: Geforce 750ti
Motherboard MSI A88X-G43
PSU: Rhino Panther 450W ATX 12V Power Supply
8 gigs of ram
I have every up to date drive, my bios is up to date,and nothing is overclocked on my pc. I honestly don't understand what is wrong.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to help fix this so I can give it to my little sister, she's been wanting to get a pc that can run a few games for a while now.
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    You need to replace your PSU. I almost guarantee that's the problem and even if its not it will be soon.

    Buy the EVGA 600B:

    It's more than enough and the only reason I am suggesting that over other PSU's right now is because this one is a pretty good deal at the moment. I would normally suggest the 500B for this system but it is actually more expensive than the 600B right now.
  2. hello, i had the exact same problem (my PC crashed in LOL aram only) and it wasn't the PSU but the memory. I changed it and the crash didn't happen anymore.
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