I turn PC on and it doesn't boot

My PC failed to start up yesterday
The lights and fans were working.
GPU leds on, Motherboard led on green.

I tested with another PSU and still didn't work.
I checked HDD on another PC and removed RAM and tried with 1 and 2 dimms. I also removed the mobo battery and reinsterted it(the battery is new I replaced it 2 months ago)
Then I changed the CPU to an older one I have and it worked.
After I turned it off and again on, the same problem happened.

Is it a motherboard problem? (led is green but don't know if it means anything)

I also tried with another mobo battery now, same thing.

AMD Phenom II x6 1055t
AMD Phenom II (2 core black edition don't remember exact name)
PSU Corsair HX750W
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  1. are you using the onboard graphics? have you tried with another GPU?
    from your mopbo manual:
    "The motherboard comes with a standby power LED. The green LED lights up to
    indicate that the system is ON, in sleep mode, or in soft‐off mode. This is a reminder
    that you should shut down the system and unplug the power cable before removing or
    plugging in any motherboard component. The illustration below shows the location of
    the onboard LED."
  2. Sorry I didn't post the GPU. I got the AMD R9 390. I don't use the onboard graphics and I always have it disabled in BIOS.
    It was working fine before and after the problem appeared, when it started up it was still working fine.
    Now still can't start.
  3. you've tested about everything.
    you turn it on and the leds come on, the fans come on, does anything show on the screen? are there any beeps?need more information as to whats happening. you can try with the onboard GPU, see if that makes any difference.
  4. That one time it worked is the thing I can't explain. It worked when I changed the CPU, but only 1 time.

    Now I tried with the onboard graphics and another older gpu. Still nothing.
  5. I read when I googled about this motherboard that it could have grounding problems. Most times it happens with the usb ports, PC resets when you insert a usb stick some times or it freezes the system.
    I had this kind of issue many times since I got the motherboard.
    Could it come to a point it shorts something? Is it halfdead or something I don't know what to make of it.
  6. Best answer
    my motherboard is cousin to yours M4A87TD evo, and I have had some strangeness with the mem ok setup.
    I have no idea what triggers it, but it just won't boot, the mem ok light flashes and I have to reset my memory settings.
    I think the entire family has gremlins.

    But lets not disregard their age, coming up on 7 or is it 8 years old now.
  7. So the best solution is to replace the motherboard.
    Even if some time it works for a while it's not worth the frustration.

    Would GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P be a good replacement?
    Or ASROCK 970 EXTREME3 R2.0
  8. of the two I'd buy the ASRock it supports 64GB ram to the Gigabytes 32GB. that is enough for me to choose the ASRock. I can keep a system running almost a decade, RAM limit is a killer.
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