I'm lookimg to buy a new computer but have doubts concerning the AMD A8 quad core processors. The computer has 12GB and 2TB ha

processor comparison AMD a8 versus Intel i5 or i7?
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  1. * You've created a thread with the content in the other way around. Your title held too much info while the body of your post holds too little info. Maybe make a follow up post asking a detailed question/adding more details about your system.

    Have a go through this CPU Hierarchy chart though that is the best advice that can be offered right now with respect to your inquiry since there are other details you've missed. We are currently on the 6th Gen of Core I series of processors from Intel while we're on the 3rd generation of AMD's APU so the question is which generation are you comparing each other to? Then there's the question of what sort of duties will you be throwing at your system? In essence the CPU hierarchy reflects CPU's categorized based on gaming performance's and not productivity workloads.
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