Not sure what's causing my pc to power down

Last night my computer restarted with no warning while I was browsing the internet. My temperatures were all fine and I haven't installed any new components except for a new GPU a month and a half ago. I then, thirty minutes later, found it to be off when I had left it on. It wouldn't respond to me pressing the power button and I then realized the power lights on the front of the case were lit, and the power supply fan was still spinning. The motherboard's green power led was lit. However, my case fan and leds were not getting power. I could flip the switch on the psu to turn it off, but pressing the power button returned it to the aforementioned state. This morning, I unplugged everything to begin troubleshooting it and when I had only the monitor and keyboard plugged in, it turned on when I pressed the button and functioned normally for about ten minutes when it then 'lost power'. Normally I would assume this to be a psu issue, however I noticed the cpu led was lit up red and everything else was as I described before with three monitor receiving no signal. Frankly, I just wanted a second opinion before I get into trying to determine what's wrong, so anything you may have to say is appreciated. My apologies if the formatting of this isn't exactly all that great, I'm posting from mobile.
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  1. Could you please post a list of all of your PC components, as well as anything that was plugged into it when you had these issues (including monitors, keyboard, mouse, Headphones, etc). Have you checked GPU temps?
  2. Sapphire R9 390X
    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
    AMD FX-8150 Zambezi 8-Core 3.6 GHz
    16GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3
    Thermaltake 750 watts Bronze
    OCZ 240GB SAD
    Seagate 2TB HAD

    As far as what was plugged in:
    Logitech G930 Headset
    " G105 Keyboard
    " G400s Mouse
    Hanns G HZ251 Monitor
    Acer A231H Monitor

    I think that's about it. Thanks in advance!
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    I can't really find much as to why it is doing this. The behavior of it all points to Temperature issues, or PSU issues. I took a look at the PSU tier list: and it seems that you have a pretty low end PSU (Tier 4), but you are using a high end graphics card and mid range CPU. If you have done any overclocking, even minor, this could be the cause of the issue. Overclocks on any of these low end CPU's are generally a bad idea. Your powersupply could also have just gotten old and quit working properly. I would suggest getting a new PSU. Try getting one of the EVGA SuperNova's, or maybe trying to borrow a PSU from another PC to see ff this is the issue. Glad I could help!
  4. I've actually got a friend coming over to try a different psu shortly. My only confusion is that the fan on the psu was working and at least some power was reaching the mobo. Also I forgot to mention, my gpu idled at around 30c and never really got above 60c during high loads. I'll update with how it goes later!

    Update: Sorry for the late notice but I was able to test the pc with a new psu and everything ran as expected! I had figured it was the culprit but I'm glad I got a second opinion. Thanks again!
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