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I just bought the GPU mentioned in the title and in the GURU software that comes with it there are three options for the GPU clock. They are Default, OC, and ECO. I've been running it on Default but I would like to use OC mode. I don't wan to do any overclocking myself but the OC mode just boosts the MHz slightly. Is the OC mode safe to use and would anyone recommend using Default over OC? I'm using the 980 Ti for gaming, video recording, and video editing so the more performance I get from my GPU the better. I have a very capable PSU that could run two of these GPUs in SLI so I'm not worried about power consumption.
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  1. I have played around with the GPU clock speeds. OC is the best for gaming and I usually get a 3-5 fps boost on average. The other modes I use when I'm doing simple tasks such as web surfing or watching a movie.
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    Yes, it's fine to use the settings. If you'd like you can go from those settings and further OC higher, or try to
  3. Ok, thanks. I may try that sometime in the future.
  4. Drop us an update, have fun ;)
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