Fans? Noctua NF-12 vs Arctic f12 pwm pst

Hi guys just a quick one i was thinking between either:

Noctua NF-12 PWM


Arctic f12 pwm pst

I dont overclock ever so noise would be the only real factor id care about, as im guessing most modern fans are similar enough in quality, or is the Noctua Nf-12's renowned for being the best of the best?

--- Also do fans come with dust filters when you buy them are they useful to buy seperately if they dont? thanks:)
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    If silence is what you crave, then the Noctua fans are far superior. I ran a whole case load of the Arctic F12's, and while they were reaonably quiet (especially given the much lower price) they were nowhere near as quiet as some NF-12's I've used in the past.

    EDIT: Oh and no, most fans do not come with filters, so you'll need to pick some of those up elsewhere.
  2. ah i see so the noc fans definetely are quality of airflow and more quiet?

    anymore opinions on this? its typically what my impression was though:)
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