CPU usage at 100% with four programs being at 25% each. Causing computer to run slow, IE not responding frequently.

Yesterday I was at work, and I was doing work on the computer with Internet Explorer. I noticed it was "not responding" every 30 seconds or so, and was just running slow. I opened task manager, and the CPU usage was at 100%. Memory usage was normal, not high or anything.

I sorted the list of open processes by highest CPU usage, and found there were four processes that had 25% CPU usage each. Two of these processes had a name that started with the word "Update." The other two started with the words "Windows" and I think they had ".dll" in the title name or something like that. But I closed the two processes that had the word Update in them, and the computer sped up a little.

I was wondering if anyone knows what is causing this, or what those processes do. I will tell you if the problem happens again.

I don't have specs on the computer other than its Windows 8. It's a work computer so I can't do anything right now, but give advice and I'll get to it next time I work.

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    You most likely have a virus or malware. If that program isn't windows update, it's almost certain. I would run malwarebytes to clean out the malware, then use bitdefender for long term protection. You can also use the Mcafee secure safe browser plugin (for chrome) to prevent you from going to sites containing malware.
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