MSI Afterburner doesn't seem to have any effect after overclock

Hi there! I have been overclocking my GPU today in MSI Afterburner and I noticed that there is no real difference before and after in both performance and temperature. Kombustor didn't really seem to work on my PC as it would show less stress than my most demanding game (Battlefront). Kombustor averages around 48 degrees on Lakes of Titan x64 when I added 60 to my original core clock speed (800) and when I run Battlefront on high settings it averages 58-60 degrees with frame drops in-game. My main clue as to why I think it isn't effecting anything is the temperature not changing. GPU is AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. I haven't tried stress testing with Furmark as I've heard it can easily kill GPUs and my GPU isn't very good. Please help me.

EDIT : I went up by 40 on clock speed. Still no noticeable effect
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  1. I really need help with this I have tried nearly everything and can't find anything on the internet!
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    Adding 60 to the core from 800 is next to nothing. You need to OC the memory because it actually makes a big difference (try adding 100, if it is stable, keep going up in 50 increments until your score starts getting lower, then find the best point) then oc your core, keep adding 10 and stress testing.

    For reference, I am running +85 on my core and +200 on my memory, and that is a low overclock, I haven't gotten round to serious tweeking, I reckon I can still get 150 on my core if I add some voltage (gtx 950 zotac amp!)
  3. What is your exact gpu? The lower end it is, the less increase you will get with OCing.
    If it is something like a r5 240, then disregard my previous post, you will get next to no increase no matter how good an OC you get, just push everything up slowly (except voltage) until it crashes and back off a bit.
    For future reference, you get terrible bang for the buck with ultra cheap card (under 100$).

    If you need a benchmarking program, try Unigine Valley, it works and can be used to stress test as well.
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