3.5" sATA HDD enclosure light up, the disk seems spinning, but windows not detect any new drive

Hi all.

I'm using an Asus A455L laptop with Windows 8. I recently bought a 3.5" sATA enclosure from a store, the cheapest one on the market, same like this :

The reason I bought this enclosure is to use and transfer my data from my 3.5" Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD from my previous desktop, that I used to install Windows 10 and kept my files and important data there. I sold my desktop, but I took out the HDD only as I'm still need the data inside it. So I want to use and open it on my laptop here, but it gave me problems here:

- I checked and connected all the power, USB cable properly to the HDD and try to plug the USB to my laptop
- The red light showed up, and I can hear the disk inside the HDD spinning quitely
- But there is no new drive or anything showed up on My Computer
- I tried to search up for the problem on the web, and found few solutions and tried :

1. Control panel > Device Manager > USB Root Hub/Generic USB Hub > Power Management > Uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power > (nothing detected)

2. Format and create partitions > Disk Management > Action > Rescan disk > (no new drive show up)

I tried others solution like updating USB drivers, but it still wont show up on my explorer or disk management. And also the USB cable is perfectly working as I tried on other device.

Anyone please help me with this problem? I really need to access the data inside the HDD and cant lose it. Any solutions? Many thanks
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  1. It's possible the enclosure is defective. Can you get another?

    Also, have you tried another USB port?
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    Hey there, cycloneticz.

    Have you had any issues with the HDD itself prior to this problem?
    I'd recommend that you try the drive with a different computer, to see if the same thing happens. It would be even better if it's a desktop computer, so that you can try the drive internally via a SATA connection. Check if the enclosure has any drivers which you need to install in order for it to be properly detected and speaking of which, make sure that the enclosure itself is detected in Device Manager. You should also check if the enclosure supports the capacity of the HDD.

    Please let me know how everything goes.
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